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The child in the eyes of two eight trillion - the

Shortly beforethe United States vice president will get a message: China will in the next five years to come up with $eight trillion to import .Recently,christian louboutin, the network is a government to invest eight trillion to stimulate the economy .
The two &ldquo ;eight trillion &rdquo ;although a difference of several times ,but for any country is a huge investment ,can be said to be the national capital .The head of a $eight trillion for the drives global economy ,also in order to appease the deficit countries ;after a eight trillion yuan is to activate the economy, nature also is to stabilize the social emotions, between the two in the end will shape how the interaction between ?Of course ,this money is not dropped from the sky ,but with &ldquo ;add water to boil congee &rdquo ;from all national pocket dilution it, or so much ,much money printing ,we have scored at a bit of water ,Louboutin Shoes,who named many gurus have to &ldquo &rdquo ;economic development ;.
But the problem is coming ,who should share more ,who should benefit more ,this is a live political economics subject .When it comes to money, there is a great difference between China and the United States ,the United States vice president difficulty is how to budget to Congress made clear ,and then with the senators for a supply of sth.
,finally passed by Congress, the government issued the executive .China State Council decision-making process about is not too much, or too bad ,not a debate vote by a show of hands ,but to continue to run the Department of &ldquo ;&rdquo ;,of course, finally issued the government at all levels to implement the corresponding benefit ,nature ,amount and who was who lose have different pattern .
So how to let the people of the two countries will understand this problem ?I public opinions are divergent. ,unable to agree on which is right ,but &ldquo &rdquo ;virtual design ;two a simple-minded man out of their respective expression about how to use the eight trillion ideas .
Is an American boy Kevin ,is a Chinese boy Xiao Ming ,is a junior high school student, and together we discussed &ldquo ;&rdquo ;:Chinese children Xiaoming five wishes :A ,I am a rural children ,mom and dad will leave home to the big city to work ,I hope to live with them in the City ,go to school ,like children in the cities like subway ,like playing, like to see .
The eight trillion is how much I don ,but my parents home in Shenzhen where a middle school ,I can get to the school .Two ,our county reservoir are quick dry bottoming out, because the accumulation of too much sediment ,flood washed away crops to drought ,early no irrigation ,everyone to the big city to work, no one of the condition of the dam and water drainage ,terrace collapsed ,if I had it eight trillion must be able to clean the silt ,pass drains rapprochement ,let every family can use the clean water ,Grandpa and grandma at home each day with a bucket of water use .
Three ,christian louboutin shoes,my grandfather told me to say ,that the water in the reservoir is the mountain stream down ,we put the trees cut down ,Christian Louboutin Pas Cher,hill is not water ,reservoir with no water ,and some are quicksand .
If the eight trillion trees be cut down like those same sold ,are some people sell money abroad to gamble gambled away ,that all our hometown will become the dry reservoir .People ,people, this is the teacher before ,only in this way can we make people forever love of this country, and reproduce .
Four ,mom and dad in Shenzhen rent ,they also want to buy a house ,but always say save number of miss home prices ,wood is sold to the town ,into the building, property prices rose more trees, less ,finally mom and dad gave up the idea in Shenzhen buy a house ,but back to home farm also impossible no ,forest and water ,they are unable to farm ,and had to return to Shenzhen ,when the people part-time jobs ,there is no family .
Building more and more, space more and more ,but more and more people do not live in the house ,the eight trillion will change this situation ?In five ,when the parents are old home ,it grandma and grandpa still alive ,I will go to work in Shenzhen .
At that time ,I would go to those early rupture of a removed, like Chen Guangbiao who earn &ldquo ;remove rent &rdquo ;.Maybe I can have money in home building a nursing home ,let Grandpa and grandma live well .
If these eight trillion can build a lot of the nursing home ,we this generation person is not worried that no money raised by grandparents .So ,I will be able to earn money to go to university, when a solar engineer ,home to save gas money ,now the oil price is too high .
The United States children Kevin five wishes :A ,my father is a computer engineer ,but he is out of work now ,is said to work by China stole .Mother had to go to work, in a Chinese in this open import company as a manager ,she said that the Chinese gave her the job .
My mother wants me to learn Chinese ,I wondered ,why schools want me to learn French ?Last year the school to do Confucius school, I learn Chinese will be able to find a job ,my mother said so .
China spent $eight trillion importing goods to us ,dad will also have to work ,but he want to learn Chinese .In two ,father says ,Chinese will use the eight trillion imported oil ,iron ore ,copper ,lots of gold ,to prevent them later and foreign war .
He wants me to be a petroleum or mining engineer ,whether to Canada or South America can find a well-paid job .He said don a doctor ,the doctor into insurance company slave ;don be a lawyer ,lawyers are legal company India defeat ;don accountant ,accountant the work is India Accounting Firm outsourced .
Three ,my mother said ,Chinese imports for $eight trillion ,which means that China will reduce the United States Treasury bonds ,so the government will reduce the social welfare ,we cannot expect the government will continue to support us that those who are out of jobs ,don expect us to get financial aid ,to study hard ,don play basketball, I not Kobe ,but also when not Jeremy Lin ,I nobody hurts the white boy, on your own .
Four ,the teacher said ,China with the $eight trillion not only imported from the United States, Chinese and Japanese ,Brazil ,Russia, not dollars trade ,Christian Louboutin Pas Cher,we cannot expect to import large quantities of cheap goods issued dollar ,the last of those foreign dollars will be forced to return to the United States, US dollar savings would be greatly depreciation ,our houses are unable to appreciate, because we have to bring more income to spend on food and fuel .
Five ,if I had eight trillion dollars, I hope one day I can enter a movies like &ldquo ;2012?as a sailing vessel ,drifted to an alien world ,begin a I love life ,there is no violence insult ,no tired,Christian Louboutin Outlet, need not work will be required for life ,let me all day long on Facebook chat games ,who when the president is not important to me ,christian louboutin pas cher,but who stop me this would be my enemies .
Batman comments :theoretically, the huge foreign exchange reserves gradually changed into the domestic materials needed to suppress inflation has effect ,$8 in 5years,an annual average of 1.
6 trillion,Louboutin Pas Cher,if really according to the progress of calculation ,with today exchange rate ,China import and export goods will be more than one hundred thousand billion yuan ,more than eight trillion currency issue .
However ,this theory can really practice is another thing ,one is to obtain the 8 trillion dollars of foreign exchangeand a very long process ,international market and international relations constantly changing ,there is great uncertainty ;two is the Chinese still use &ldquo ;out of large &rdquo ;way to exchange ,it is bound to increase the cost of imports ,exports of marginal benefit drops ,the actual effect is not optimistic ;three is exported not to boost domestic demand ,import may not meet domestic demand ,China exports and imports are two different carriage ,runs are not in the same way, foreign exchange control the separation of the two ,it is hard to change the present situation .
He said the situation is the case for one side ,the real demand of the society is based on the individual consumer demand to form ,but our construction mode according to the power flow direction is determined ,who has the right to who is rich, water conservancy ,migrant schools ,nursing homes that have power project to develop ,and funds are large into real estate development .
For these investors ,would rather keep investment to low return property stored, rather than in the public beneficial to the people ,it is the capital of a character .In this case ,the government how to balance the needs of social development is the key ,perhaps more important is how to put the democratic elements into the budgetary process .
Kevin said the situation is on the other side ,although the United States has been talking to the production line to move back to the United States ,but the actual situation is not optimistic .
The United States already for twenty years without culture production line workers ,and the United States enterprises are labor cost, especially the cost of health insurance limits ,basically has not restored to the industrial era .
The United States exports to China all kinds of cost and system constraints, even if Chinese imports also be of no avail .The United States of America management is the financial giants challenge ,financial products still has the huge risk ,christian louboutin,and to leverage policy remains depressed market demand ,employment prospect is still a lack of improvement .
China through the nations and between the RMB will continue to pressure the dollar advantage ,it must force the dollar in international circulation withdrawn in the United States ,causing the United States domestic inflation pressure .
Can say ,the United States of America transfer debt crisis and inflation ability will be China import policy of suppression .Although the United States has a budget democracy ,Louboutin Shoes,but as a result of the monopoly tycoon who has too much words right and very inefficient .
Low income crowd out of the process of social production ,long imprisoned in welfare allowance ,which will deepen the United States of America ,China to increase imports and reduce the U.
S. debt will also aggravate the crisis .A sunny afternoon in small flexor around, found the pure beauty this brand, the red pomegranate series ,I tried the shelf trial bottles ,texture very lightweight ,good absorption ,bought back .
Have a look ,is it 2,cream and essence ,out of the box and the bottles are red packaging ,will be red through open after the have a look ,the red bottle is essence ,red cap that is eye to have a look the essence of the clothes off after that have a look ,have a look on the texture is produced ,transparent texture ,taste not pomegranate ,but I don describe it ,basically is a good absorption ,suitable for summer using ok .
Then the same series of eye cream ,white texture ,taste than the essence of the smell of incense ,absorption of moisture is also good ,general ,overall for ,this brand is suitable for young mm ,because the fresh texture it is more suitable for summer or warm weather climate .
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Contact us - Sohu campus does not allow ? ti

Sohu company &gt ;contact us friends :hello ,Louboutin Pas Cher!The Sohu website customer service center for your dedicated service !National customer service telephone :95105959 customer servicetelephone :010-58511234 customer serviceFax: 010-58722727 E-mail:Webmaster@contact.
sohu.com Sohu company address :Beijing City, Haidian District Zhongguancun East Road No. 1 ,christian louboutin,Sohu the cyber building 7-15 layerzip code : 100084 SOHU.com Internet Plaza ,Louboutin Pas Cher,No.1 ParkZhongguancun East Road ,Haidian District ,Beijing 100084 ,P.
R. China Tel: ( 8610)62726666SohuShanghai company address: Shanghai Huaihai Road No. 333 Ruian squareroom 1201-1205 postal code:200021 Room1201-1205,Shui On Plaza ,Christian Louboutin Outlet,333HuaiHai Zhong Road Shanghai 200021 ,P.
R. China Tel: ( Fax: 8621)23081600(8621)23081791SohuGuangzhou branch company address :Guangzhou Pearl River New City Huaxia Road 10,christian louboutin shoes, decimating the center room 2003/04 postal code:510623Room2003/04,R&F Center ,10 HuaxiaRoad ,christian louboutin pas cher,New Pearl River City Guangzhou ,In 510623 ,P.
R. China Tel: ( Fax: 8620)85115666(8620)85115601SohuHongkong branch in Hongkong in summer ?12AmericanBank Center 16 buildings 1605 roomsHong Kong Office Room 1605 ,16/F,Bank of America Tower 12 HarcourtRoad Hong Kong People Republic of China Tel: 852 - 28992278 Fax:852 -28992830Sohufocus Beijing real estate network focus :Beijing Academy of Sciences of Haidian District South Road 2,christian louboutin uk, Raycom Information Center C building 19 South/100190 hotline: 400-678-2020,010-62508005/8006:house@mail.
focus.cn Fax :E-mail :focus of Shanghai road in Shanghai No. 333 Ruian squareroom 1201-1205 /200021 phone:021-23081600Fax:021-23081791,Tianjin focus :Tianjin city zone of Peace No. 85 JunlongPlaza office building B2 block 505 - 507room telephone:022-282762112827621223210532,fax :022-23210523Guangzhou in focus: Guangzhou Pearl River New City Huaxia Road 10,christian louboutin pas cher, decimating the center room 2003/04 / 510623 telephone:85115666,fax :020-85115603JiCentral District of Ji Shunhe Street No.
66 GinzaJingdu International Building 1 buildings 2308 rooms/250011 phone: 0531-86022988/2399Fax:0531-86027588,Hainan address :Hainan Haikou Binhai Avenue 81 Southeast Asia Building1709zip code: 570105phone: 0898-68568100 Fax:0898-68568102 Hangzhouaddress :Hangzhou city West Lake Cultural Square 19round-the-world center 1102phone: 0571-5810-2999 Fax:0571-5810-2976 Xiamenaddress :Xiamen City Siming Lujiang road wealth 100 centreunit 908 zip code: 361004ChengduSichuan Province, Chengdu City focus :China Aerospace Science and Technology Building, 1 StreetRoom 2106 zip code :610000 phone: 028-86725080 Fax:028-86725081 Shenyangaddress: Shenyang city Shenhe District 19 StreetFengtian Ginza B seat 605 PC 110013phone:024-31998166Wuhanfocus :Wuhan Jiang of Lake Wanda office building A1 A 1505 zip code:430015Tel:02768850480;68850481;68850482;02768850482address in Dongguan:Guangdong Province South Dongguan city rich square 20 buildings 2004rooms zip code: 523009Fax:0769-22304236 Qingdaoaddress: Qingdao Hongkong Road No.
18 (Futai Square) A seat 503 PC 266000phone:0532-68850717address:Dalian Dalian City Zhongshan Yangtze River 311 number of roadChamps Elysees Plaza East Tower room 2608 zip code :116011Tel: 0411-82558255 Tangshanaddress :Hebei District of Tangshan City, the North West Road 2 Sunshine HotelRoom 401 zip code: 063000Tel: 0315-2252560 Qinhuangdaoaddress :Hebei economic and Technological Development Zone of Qinhuangdao mountain road Wangzhong Business Building room 412 zip code: 066000Tel: 0335-8048894Hefeiaddress: Anhui province Suixi Hefei City Road 99 theCathay apartments three unit 606 rooms ( Hall of Anhui province civil administration next door) zip code: 230000 Nanningaddress :Nanning city east Ge Lu 88Jiayuancommunity J building room 705 zip code: 530022Chongqing focus:Chongqing city south bank zone 8 Avenue Chongqing Wanda Plaza office building 1 building 11-2,3;zip code: 400060 Tel:( 023)88698555?Fax :(023) Shenzhen 88698944 focus:Shenzhen city Futian District China Three International Chamber of Commerce Center 2005B ;zip code: 518048 Tel: 0755-88315080Xiaddress :Xi High-tech Zone Science and Technology Road No.
50 Jinqiao internationalsquare C seat 910 rooms ;zip code: 710075 phone(029 )88441224,Christian Louboutin Pas Cher,88442114 Fax:( 029)the 8001Nanjing focus:Nanjing city Jianye District River Jiangdong Street No. 68 Nanjing Asahibuilding room 505 ;zip code: 210019 Tel:Fax :025-87796996;87796996-8007 Suzhouaddress: Jiangsu province Suzhou City Canglang District ,building room 2609-2611 zip code: 215000Tel:Fax :6787026067870261,67870262,67870261-821 Wuxiaddress :Jiangsu province Wuxi City People Road 123, room 1805 androom 1806 zip code :214000Tel: 0510-82790079;fax 0510-82790116 Changzhouaddress: Jiangsu province Changzhou City Huaide Road No.
50 ShannonBusiness Plaza 1402;zip code: 213022 Tel:( 0519) 81191892- extension;fax :81191862in recent years,by the Chinese American mother Cai Meier launched the &ldquo &rdquo tiger mother ;education ;cyclone ,also appears in this argument .
The problem is ,&ldquo tiger mother &rdquo ;education ;this should not become a model of china .Related practices in the United States caused so much attention ,it is because of this kind of education idea and the United States educational tradition be misfits .
&ldquo ;&rdquo tiger mother ;method of education in the United States has also caused many people off .Someone to listen to her after the introduction of tears ,others think that this approach has constituted cruelty to children .
While in China ,advocating &ldquo ;tiger mother &rdquo ;education rather than learning advanced experience ,christian louboutin shoes,&ldquo ;&rdquo ;rather than on traditional native education self confirmation .
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Wenzhou financial reform is from administrative po

Wenzhou financial reformwas still in fermentation .A few days ago, Zhejiang province has adopted the Wenzhou financial reform testing district plan detailed implementation rules ,and to the east of Zhejiang Province ,to introduce about accelerating financial reform and development certain opinions ,will be Wenzhou reform experience and effect of radiation to the folk capital expansion ,Zhejiang developed construction to become the real financial province .
According to media disclosure Wenzhou experimental area of comprehensive financial reform implementation plan ( Draft) content ,Wenzhou on the State Council to determine the &ldquo ;twelve &rdquo ;to reform pilot task decomposing refinement ,from &ldquo ;&rdquo package ;more than 50 pilot keyprojects ,and the need for higher authorities to help support the reform project .
As for the Wenzhou financial reform main goals ,Wenzhou municipal Party committee secretary Chen Derong profiles is :in 2012 new the petty loan company in 2013 30,Christian Louboutin Pas Cher,total to 100 ,achieve urban function district and the town center complete coverage ;2012banking financial institutions,municipal branch basic establishment of small business franchise ,the completion of rural cooperative financial institutions shareholding system reform work ;2013village bank and newrural financial institutions and the branches ,realize a county ( city ,area) full coverage .
Based on this ,the Wenzhou city will focus on include to establish a leadership system ,establishment of the Financial Reform Testing District executive leadership District ,set up 6 specialworking group ,the formation of a number of key projects to promote the office ,responsible for project implementation plan ,through the implementation of a number of key projects ,the construction of a number of financial platform ,introduce breed a batch high-end talent ,start-up financial forums and seminars, accelerate Wenzhou to finance the building of comprehensive reform pilot area .
Can say ,from March 28th the State Council executive meeting adopted the Wenzhou financial reform experimental zone for comprehensive scheme since, Wenzhou seize this rare history opportunity ,Wenzhou began to financial done-masterpiece layout ,countrywide financial experts ,financial regulatory departments and the financial media everfount to Wenzhou ,give advice and suggestions for Wenzhou financial reform ,the author also made numerous trips to Wenzhou ,to experience the financial reform in Wenzhou beyond the imagination of the heat .
However ,with the Wenzhou financial reform of Comprehensive Experimental Zone of advance ,Wenzhou financial reform some deviations from the reform ideas and practice of beginning partly hidden and partly visible theme .
As everyone knows ,christian louboutin shoes,for the Wenzhou financial reform ,the State Council just published &ldquo ;twelve &rdquo ;it is not so accurate content ,folk debit and credit to the sun ,christian louboutin shoes,the folk finance how to initiate the establishment of banks and other financial institutions ,have no specific route map .
That is to say ,the State Council on Wenzhou financial comprehensive reform pilot area, the big show ,just give a principled guidelines, did not give Wenzhou a specific &ldquo ;script &rdquo ;,specifically how to play ,the problem and the initiative over to Wenzhou .
For this, the author emphasizes for many times ,this did not give specific scenario approach is to ensure that the Wenzhou financial reform the key to success ,to Wenzhou future reform enough imaginary space ,Wenzhou can take advantage of this ,and give full play to the local &ldquo ;&rdquo ;imagination ,christian louboutin,make a classics .
But the fact is ,that no script &ldquo ;&rdquo ;reform become Wenzhou experimental area of comprehensive financial reform builds the biggest obstacle ,Christian Louboutin Outlet,accustomed to anything to report on the &ldquo ;&rdquo ;,accustomed to &ldquo ;no explicit consent ,are not dry &rdquo ;officials, from begin to develop the implementation of plan to implement ,are taking a and in urgent need of bold innovation ,not deliberately scoping, encourages the free movement ,as far as possible, do not set &ldquo &rdquo ;composition ;and real reform draw further apart work .
The author and local institutions ,official exchanges ,all for the no clear some items appear at a loss, and in the implementation of the programme ,as far as possible detailed further refinement .
At the same time ,they to reform itself ,have intense risk-averse tendency ,and to develop specific implementation plan, thought to want to put the &ldquo &rdquo ;risk management .In many people ,Wenzhou financial reform comprehensive experiment ,basic evolved into ,on one hand, the establishment of a number of financial institutions ,on the other hand ,some departments to upgrade ,expand ,enlarge authority ,christian louboutin uk,to the financial reform issues management .
For example ,the previous financial office upgraded into financial administration ,staff also expanded many ,to some extent, become Wenzhou financial reform of Comprehensive Experimental Zone of the core operating departments ,christian louboutin uk,a number of other related departments are trying to expand their own department in Comprehensive Experimental Zone Construction of the discourse right and the right to participation .
If the Wenzhou financial comprehensive experiment reform became local government and relevant departments of a &ldquo ;enlargement of the right &rdquo ;movement ,this reform was destined to begin laid the seeds of failure .
The State Council chose Wenzhou as the financial reform of Comprehensive Experimental Zone of the pilot ,which is used for the mainstream financial system and financial regulatory reform too, makes the folk finance no path to enter the mainstream system .
The State Council this using Wenzhou as a test base ,hand wants Wenzhou to be in the legalization of civil finance and the establishment of small and medium-sized financial institutions service system for the accumulation of experience ,on the other hand ,through the Wenzhou folk financial vitality and imagination ,as the Chinese financial reform to provide creative experience .
And this kind of reform goal, must be based on informal finance decentralization, as &ldquo ;the masses actor &rdquo ;imagination to give enough space ,and not only through the establishment of some regulators ,the folk finance to &ldquo ;&rdquo ;,the official and administrative will, to design a set of financial reforms in Wenzhou no angry ,no room for Innovation out of the program, if the reform train of thought is such ,that why in Wenzhou pilot, why give Wenzhou more to look forward to? Literally speaking, financial reform in Wenzhou Wenzhou folk finance is a self redemption of Chinese financial reform ,christian louboutin,but also break the deadlock is a unique opportunity .
Since the reform ,since the test area ,since it is a pilot ,why to shrink with cold ,why to plan specification and refinement ,why should strengthen the control of &ldquo ;&rdquo ;consciousness ?Wenzhou financial reform ,is not established many regulators ,from central to much of the power to wield absolute power ,but have no respect for the market ,respect for the Wenzhou folk innovation consciousness and subjective initiative ,and there is no respect of &ldquo &rdquo ;actor ;since I play power .
Human history has shown many times ,and will continue to prove ,real reform is absolutely not &ldquo ;&rdquo ;out &ldquo ,but put out ;&rdquo . Wild pigeons finally met with everybody ,I play as Shen Yifan is a gold digger ,but ,in a material surface has a dark side :she had successfully resolve and allow the family to live a good life of filial piety .
Every admitted the material girl ,is not necessarily superficial ,frivolous ,but frank ,sincere ,bold admitted that he just like the rich, daring to pursue their own life, to outsiders
while material and even vulgar ,but this is the nature of No Ko ,Shen Yifan is also the characteristic ,is the Shen Yifan frank ,dares to love and hate attracted two rich generation around
Shen Yifan ,also on free and uninhibited yearning ,make travel understand something you really want ,also make two hearts closer ,Louboutin Shoes,christian louboutin pas cher,I hope everyone can be like pigeon son this TV play ,also
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Leaf tower.Autonomy, Not So Autonomous Anymore HP

, a a long time did not write .Because want to write down the mood ,the back ,the invisible ,hidden ,not easy to see ,those subtle delicate feelings, needs a warm carrier ,without you, they will not ,loss of temperature after becoming meaningless existence and thus easily lost years vicissitudes of life ?As the night away secretly with temperature ,birds away memory .
The sea can change Kuwata ,you see ? 2 us to ... Within HP&#8217 ;s a bit of a ,development for ,the company&#8217 ;s from last year that was profitable when HP bought it but in the last quarter saw &#8220 ;significant&#8221 ;declines in its core licensing revenue: its founder and head Mike Lynch is stepping down ,and he is getting replaced by a HP man: chief strategy officer and EVP of enterprise software Bill Veghte.
HP says in its that this is being done to help improve Autonomy&#8217 ;s performance. In an internal memo to employees ,which ,CEO Meg Whitman says that the move is being made to as a mark of how HP is &#8220 ;investing to speed development across Security ,Information and Management Infrastructure for both on-premise IT and in the cloud ? witha key focus on software-as-a-service offerings.
&#8221 ;The same strategy will be applied to the company&#8217 ;s Vertica business ,Whitman noted in the memo. HP&#8217 ;s Q2 earningssaw revenues down by three percent to $30.
7 billion.Within that ,the company Saw a mixed ( but overall declining performance ) in its different divisions: Autonomy&#8217 ;s performance probably represents something of a disappointment &#8212 ;and perhaps surprise to HP ,since the unit seemed to be doing much better when the acquisition was announced in October.
At the time of the deal ,Apotheker noted: Autonomy presents an opportunity to accelerate our strategic vision to decisively and profitably lead a large and growing space ..
. Together with Autonomy ,Christian Louboutin Pas Cher,we plan to reinvent how both unstructured and structured data is processed ,analyzed ,optimized ,automated and protected. Autonomy has an attractive business model ,including a strong cloud based solution set ,christian louboutin shoes,which is aligned with HP s efforts to improve our portfolio mix.
We believe this bold action will squarely position HP in software and information to create the next-generation Information Platform ,and thereby ,Louboutin Pas Cher,create significant value for our shareholders .
.. Autonomy is a highly profitable and globally respected software company ,with a well-regarded management team and talented ,dedicated employees. We look forward to partnering with a company who shares our commitment to solving customer problems by creating smart ,cutting-edge products and solutions.
Mike Lynch ,the founder and current head ,will be stepping down after a transition period ,HP says ,and it doesn&#8217 ;t look like it&#8217 ;s giving up on Autonomy any time soon: the market and &# 8220;competitive positioning for Autonomy remain strong ,particularly in cloud offerings ,Christian Louboutin Outlet,christian louboutin,&#8221 thecompany writes in its ;statement.
Autonomy ,founded in the UK ,offers a software infrastructure solution in which enterprises can get different applications to &#8220 ;communicate&#8221 ;with each other. It has 20000 customersworldwide ,and there are over 400 OEMcompanies that offer licenses to more than 500 products.
Applications include those that ?Handle information access technology ,pan-enterprise search ,infor Mation governance ,end-to-end eDiscovery and archiving ,records management ,business process management ,web content management ,customer interaction solutions ,Louboutin Shoes,christian louboutin pas cher,and video and audio analysis.
Following are some other founder departures from other companies HP has acquired &#8212 ;as you can see it looks like all of the others may have been working through their earn-outs ( typically two years ;although Chris Lynch stayed for just over a year after Vertica was bought ,Louboutin Pas Cher,to join Atlas Ventures Autonomy getting bought in ) .
Between October and today ,it&#8217 sbeen about eight months. ;for $1.6 billionin 2007 ?President &amp ;CEO Ben Horowitz stayed a year before leaving in 2009 tolaunch Andreesen Horowitz.
for $350 millionin February 2011 CEOChris Lynch left in March 2012 tojoin Atlas Ventures ,a VC firm. in August 2010 ?Terms not disclosed. ?CEO Thor Culverhouse left in February 2012 tofound new company.
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Candy uncle - Ling Xuange petals.

[home furnishing small knowledge: wardrobe golden ratio] 1, bedding area: height 400-500mm; 2, top area: height 1000-1200mm; 3,christian louboutin,christian louboutin pas cher, the drawer: width 400-800mm; 4,christian louboutin pas cher, hundred lattice: a monolayer height 80-100mm; 4,Christian Louboutin Outlet, folded zone: height 350mm-500mm; 5,Louboutin Pas Cher, his district: height 1400-1700mm; 6, skirting line: height 80-100mm; 7, trousers rack: height 80-100mm.
Sunshine, open-minded,Louboutin Pas Cher, optimistic, love learning, love r chat love art r love travel, love catoon and caricature, film r love for all things have a strong curiosity about r avant-garde ideas in a traditional
conservative r advocating Confucianism r think the world culture in the future will be Chinese Cultural Renaissance,christian louboutin shoes,christian louboutin, open-minded, cheerful sunshine love, love learning, love chatting art love travel, love
catoon and caricature, love movies of all things have a strong curiosity about avant-garde ideas in a traditional conservative advocating Confucian doctrine that the world culture will be the revival of
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Witnesses said the car girl after reversing rollin

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